Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

Traveling for the Holidays?

STay on track with these tips!

Okay, so I know how tough it is to stay on track with weight loss and health goals when you are traveling. And lots of my clients will be visiting family during the next 3 months, so I thought I would give you a way to help you get as many greens into your system and support your system in a healthy way. My preference would be to drink a smoothie or green juice from organic fresh, living, raw ingredients. But, when I am traveling, I know that’s not always possible. So I cover myself by bringing along items that are sustainable and that are easy to pack. How I do this is by making my simple Hotel Room Smoothie!
I can’t say this smoothie tastes amazing… but if you drink one or two of these a day I promise you will look and feel great!

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